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Custom Arrows

"A customer is not dependent on us we are dependent on them and a customer is not an interruption of our work the customer is the purpose of it". Fred Bear


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Happy Hunters

Using D&M Custom Arrows

  • Gary Hall

    My name is Gary Hall and I have been making arrows for over 20 years. As a kid I grew up in my father’s archery pro shop here in Connecticut. I spent most of my weekends there. Getting up early with my father and heading to work with him whenever I could. I did this for years until one day the old man gave me a job making and repairing the rental arrows for the indoor archery range. Not long after that I started making arrows for a few customers in the store. I was the kid in the back that made the arrows and within a few years I was the guy that made ALL the arrows for the shop. My father and I wanted a smaller archery pro shop, one that was based more around hunting and traditional archery. We also wanted one that was more about the customer and having them become a friend, rather than a just person in the store to spend money. We wanted to have fun again at work, and so we started Andover Archery together. It started out slow and small and now it seems to have taken off and is going great. And again I was the guy making the arrows and I loved it. During this time I met my wife Jessica and she gave me two little boys Mark and Dylan and I had a family of my own. Spending more money on gas and daycare then with what the store could pay, I decided to stay home with my boys and work part time in the town I live in, and turn the store front over to my father and let him run with it on his own. But I could not just stop being involved with archery - it’s all I really know and love other than my family. So I am starting D&M Custom Arrows. The D&M stands for Dylan and Mark. I hope this is something I can someday pass down to them. For me, making arrows is a passion and if there is one thing I would like to teach my boys it’s if you are passionate about something then go with it whole heartedly no matter what! And that’s what I am going to do with D&M Custom Arrows.

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A Bowhunter

"A Bowhunter Feels Most Alive With The Perfect Execution Of A Stalk On Unsuspecting Prey. It Takes The Nocking Of An Arrow; Joining Shaft To String Triggers An Acute Awakening Of Latent Senses Unknowingly Neglected. We Must Take Notice Of These Feelings, Harness Their Affect, And Focus On The Uncertainty Of This Most Basic Event. In Choosing To Hunt With Bow And Arrow, The Hunter Has Accepted The Magnitude Of His Actions, As Well As The Consequences Of Error. Intimate Distance Is The Name Of The Game. Seeing Far Off Animals Sparks A Yearning To Be Among Them, But Only After Careful Choices Are Executed Are The Flames Of The Hunt Fanned By The Nocked Arrow. "Mike Mitten"

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